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  TD-CONVERTER.EXE v1.0.D (05/2010) - PC Design's SW/TD version and binary --> text convert utility - now converts Gupta TD v5.2 back to TD v4.2 and earlier.  

Download here: TD-Converter-v42.zip

  Need TD v4.2 minimum deployment files? Download here: TDv42-deploy.zip  
  TD-Converter converts TD source file written from Team Dev. v1.1 through Team Developer v5.2  
  Here's how TD-Converter works:  

- Use menu File/Open Source... to find your application. The source file name and TD version info. are displayed, as well as a generated TEXT/.APT output file name. If that file already exists, you are prompted for a different name.

Your output file will always be saved in TEXT format. Click on the radio button of the version you want to convert the file to. You can convert a TEXT file to a version newer than TD-Converter, but you cannot convert a BINARY file to a newer version.

- If the file is in BINARY format, CDK InitFromFile() and SaveOutlineAsText() functions are used to first convert your source file to TEXT format. (NOTE: for TDv5.1, TEXT format is *required*.)

WARNING: If your BINARY appl. has include APLs, these are also converted by the CDK functions. If you need to, use TD-Convert on these APLs to your target version.

- If you select a version newer than your source file, only the Outline Version number is changed. If you select a version older than your source file, TD-Converter will convert
'down' to your final version:
TDv5.2 --> TDv4.1/4.2 --> TDv4.0 --> TDv3.0 --> CTDv2.1 --> CTDv1.5 --> CTDv1.1

In this case, the Outline Version number is updated for your target version, and outline items are commented out or removed if unavailable in that earlier version. Select which in the Preferences menu. The Preferences dialog box also contains of what is modified for each version of Team Developer.

Most converted appls. should now be able to be read in by that version of TD. What is NOT converted are any version-dependent include libs. or external functions libraries. You may also need to hand edit some CDK classes, depending on the version of your application.

NOTE: BE SURE TO READ the TERMS OF USE and the DISCLAIMER in the About box for this utility.