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  TD-ANALYZER.EXE v1.0.E (03/2008) - PC Design's SW/TD application code analyzer utility.  

Download here: TD-Analyzer-v42.zip

  Need TD v4.2 minimum deployment files? Download here: TDv42-deploy.zip  
  TD-Analyzer will analyze and display the structure of a source file written with Team Developer v1.1 through Team Dev. v4.1/4.2.  
  TD-Analyzer can now read in up to the current Team Dev. v5.1, but first converts the file to TD v4.2. Thus, any v5.1 specific items are not included in the analysis.  
  Here's how TD-Analyzer works:  

- First, use menu File/Open Source... to find your application. Your code is analyzed and information displayed, based on your current Preferences settings.

With a source file selected, select Analyze! again after changing Preferences. If Analyze! is disabled, click on File/Open Source...

- The utility first makes a temporary copy of your source file. This copy is then analyzed and deleted when analysis is completed.

- Using CDK functions, it analyzes each of the main outline sections in your outline: Libraries, Global Declarations sections, and top-level windows and their contents.

- A report is then displayed in the table window and up to the first 10 of any errors displayed in a message box. All errors are recorded in the report and may be written to disk using the File menu.

- The File menu has options for saving results and errors out to text files and for displaying the results using any text editor.

- The Preferences menu has options to uncheck any report && error info. you don't want
displayed. Uncheck menu "Analyze SAL Executable Code" if you only want a display of
the structure of your application.

NOTE: BE SURE TO READ the TERMS OF USE and the DISCLAIMER in the About box for this utility.