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TITLE  (links below are also PDFs) AUTHOR ZIP FILE
April 2000 Try This! Johan Alm  
  Time to Go Mark Hunter  
March 2000 The End of the World as We Know It Johan Alm  
  Delayed Gratification Mark Hunter  
  Backgrounds and Gradients Christian Astor Download the software! (51K)
  Combo Box Alternative J÷rg Ellinghaus Download the software! (12K)
February 2000 Control the Calendar Christian Astor Download the software! (19K)
  And the Winner Is . . . Mark Hunter  
  Return Call Christian Schubert Download the software! (72K)
  Centura Tip: What’s This? Sven O. Rimmelspacher Download the software! (5K)
  Sorting Tables List View Style Sven O. Rimmelspacher Download the software! (9K) 
January 2000 HTML-Style Help for CTD Joachim Meyer Download the software! (41K)
  Helping Hands Mark Hunter  
  Fix DLL Load Failures Mike Robinson  
  SQLBase Under the Microscope Alan Down Download the software! (96K)
December 1999 I’ll Call You Back Christian Schubert Download the CTD 2000 version! (50K)
Download the original software!  (37K)
TOP The Planets are in Alignment Mark Hunter  
  New Progress in Progress Bars Eugene Toperman Download the software!  (43K)
  Report from the Field:
Centura Grabs Hold of the Future
Martin Knopp  
  Manage Form Windows Better
with VisWinIsWindow()
Michael Lamon  
  Centura Tip:
Dynamic Tool Tips for Windows 98
Bill Grzanich,
SAM User
November 1999 Searching the Shell Joachim Meyer Download the software!  (20K)
  Something for Nothing, Something for Sale Mark Hunter  
  Open to the Public: Ice Tea Foundation Classes Joachim Meyer Download the software!  (20K)
  Do You Make This Mistake
R. J. David Burke  
October 1999 Distributed Centura Loren Bieg  
  Looking for the Killer App Mark Hunter  
  Serving Up the Web with ITAP Martin Knopp  
  Centura Tip: Faster Swapping with UDVs Gianluca Pivato  
September 1999 Flexible Parameter Lists in SAL Function Calls Mike Robinson Download the software!  (32K)
  Good News from HQ Mark Hunter  
TOP Curing Message Parameter Envy Michael Lamon  
  1.5.1 Object Compiler Tamed Drew Anderson Download the software! (3K)
August 1999 SAL Gets Smart Mark Hunter and
Frank B÷ttcher
  Radio London Mark Hunter  
  User-Defined Sorts for UDVs R. J. David Burke Download the software! (5K)
  Keep Track with SQLRouter Centura Software
Technical Support
  The Type-Ahead Trick Rajeev Mitra Download the software! (20K)
  Centura Tip!: Let the Dragging Begin R. J. David Burke Download the software! (7K)
  10 Steps to "Page X of Y" Reports R. J. David Burke Download the software! (11K)
  Centura Tip!:
Better Status for Your Functions
Rajeev Mitra  
July 1999 Hosting a Parameter Party Thomas Althammer Download the software! (11K)
  Kingdom COM Mark Hunter  
  Topics from the Tropics:
DNA is in Our Blood
Joe Falcone  
  Simple net.db-ing Sven O. Rimmelspacher  
June 1999 The Secret’s Out: Centura is Dynamic Gianluca Pivato Download the software! (171K)
Download the Microsoft Script
Control referenced in his article. (205K)
  Readers Speak Mark Hunter  
  Centura Tip: XOR for SAL Gerd Marinitsch  
TOP Maximize Your Documentation David Brito  
  Being Resourceful SAM User  
  Centura Tip: Just What are You? R. J. David Burke  
  Real Cool Hotkeys Thomas Wiedmann with
Adrian Portugali
Download the software. (6K)
  Centura Tip: Sneaky Sorting Dichotomy R. J. David Burke  
May 1999 Traversing Trees in SQLBase
Part 2: The Nested Sets Approach
R. J. David Burke  
  Outside Looking In Mark Hunter  
  Centura Tip: ActiveX Library Confusion Mark Hunter  
  De-Sqribe Your Reports Thomas Althammer  
  Fast Conversions are Now Easy, Too Mark Hunter Download the software! (301K)
April 1999 Traversing Trees in SQLBase
Part 1: The Adjacency Matrix Approach
R. J. David Burke  
  Such a Deal Mark Hunter  
  Centura Tip: Validating SQL Handles SAM User  
  Add ActiveX to Your CWD App! Tony Vinayak Download the software! (174K)
  Centura Tip: Escaping with SQLBase R. J. David Burke  
  Centura Tip: EM_REPLACESEL Tricks R. J. David Burke  
TOP Fast Conversions in Centura Team Developer Mark Hunter Download the software! (467K)
  Ace! Centura, App Detective:
Which Button is the Scope?
  Ace! Centura, App Detective:
CTD and the Win32 Registry
March 1999 Applying ActiveX to CTD 1.5 Tony Vinayak Download the software! (6K)
  Care for some T? Mark Hunter  
  Use Library Files to Mimic
Conditional Compilation
R. J. David Burke  
  Ace! Centura, App Dectective    
  Horizontal Scrolling for Combo Boxes R. J. David Burke Download the software! (5K)
  We’re Off to Launch a Wizard R. J. David Burke  
February 1999 A Clear Path to Crystal Reports Christian Schubert Download the software! (129K)
  The New Guy Mark Hunter  
  Centura Tip: Dirty Tables Mark Hunter  
  Ace! Centura, App Detective    
  Go Clone Yourself Mark Hunter Download the software! (6K)
  Centura Tip: Tips for Common File Dialogs R. J. David Burke  
January 1999 Drill Deeper with LogView Richard Lindberg with
Michael Cunningham
Download the software! (63K)
  Another Turn of the Wheel Mark Hunter  
  Ace! Centura App Detective:
The Case of the Missing Position
  Slicker File Operations Joachim Meyer Download the software! (6K)
TOP Centura Tip: A Table Window Bug Fix Michel de BecdeliŔvre Download the software! (26K)
  Centura Tip: Comments in SQLTalk Scripts R. J. David Burke  
  Roll Your Own Select Case R. J. David Burke  
  Centura Tip: Converting to Hexadecimal R. J. David Burke Download some code! (3K)
  More ListView Control Tips R. J. David Burke Download some code! (4K)
  Centura Tip: Deleting Array Elements
the Fast Way
R. J. David Burke  


(JL: only PDFs of CenturaPro or GuptaPro available before 1999)


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